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There is not much information about the importance of eliminating residue build-up in hair. But this is one of the main reasons that you don't get the desired results from your hair care products.       

When you use chemical based products in your hair, the cuticle dries up and dehydrates.       

Hair cuticles absorb treatments, but it can become clogged if not properly cleansed and rinsed.

Hair should be rinsed once a month or once a week depending of your necessities to make the pores able to absorb moisturizers.

Remove residue from shampoo, conditioners and hair treatments.

Our Vinegar Rinse Cleanser removes detergent and calcium residue and helps bring the natural pH balance back to normal.

This rinse cleanser is used to remove flakes, excess oil, and it helps maintain a healty scalp.


When was the last time you cleansed your hair of residue?

Using this type of rinse will improve your hair. Hair will be receptive to cleansing and conditioning.

It leaves hair feeling fresh and delightful by eliminating buildup on hair shafts while restoring the proper pH level to the scalp. It can be used after or in place of conditioner.